My art aims to the essential of the visual experience. It digs into the foundations of a piece of art. It deals with the basics: line, shape, color, and texture. These elements, beyond their subsidiary function, have a value in themselves, and that is what I want the viewer to experience. I would like the viewer to recognize the canvas like a stage in which those elements are living and interacting characters. I hope my work to trigger thoughts and emotions in the viewer—an aesthetic experience.

I find inspiration in all kind of patterns dwelling in nature, architecture and other human creations. On nature, I rely on fields, leaves, trunk trees, clouds, the sky, and sunsets. Some other sources of inspiration are traffic lines, signs, flags; and spots of wet paint and cracks on walls and pavement. Human creations such as letters, words, art, textiles, geometry, and numbers prompt ideas to include in my paintings. The human body, animals, landscapes, also spark my creativity.

Abstract art is a natural way for me to express my vision and share my aesthetical proposal. I feel comfortable using all kind of materials and supports, but lately, I have been more focused on acrylics, oil, and ink on canvas, wood, and paper.