Nets: Line and Color                 

El Pregonero, Washington, D.C., March 10, 2015

Fernando Osorio's Exhibition in the US

La Industria, Trujillo, D.C., February 27, 2015

Hispanic Artist Shows Drawings                 

El Pregonero Online, Washington, D.C., February 4, 2011

Fernando Osorio Exhibits at Important Art Show       

El Tiempo Latino, Washington, D.C., October 6, 2000


Lucubration Needed                        

La Industria, Trujillo, February 5, 1996

Painter Osorio Zumarán: ‘Art Allows Me to Extend my Life’            

By Guido Sánchez, Dominical—La Industria, Trujillo, November 26, 1995

The Analytic Line                        

By Marco Barboza, La Industria, Trujillo, October 18, 1995

Osorio: Image, Concept and Symbol               

By Alfredo Alegría, La Industria, Trujillo, September 22, 1995

Brief Dialogue with Painter Fernando Osorio       

La Industria, Trujillo, September 14, 1995

Cultural: Guide for Leisure                    

La Industria, Trujillo, September 10, 1995

The Journey of Shapes Continues               

Guía Semanal, Trujillo, September 7, 1995

The Journey of Osorio at Extebandes               

La Industria, Trujillo, Peru, August 19, 1995

Cultural: In Trujillo                        

El Comercio, Lima, August 17, 1995

Fernando Osorio’s Opening: Journey of Shapes at Extebandes            

Guía Semanal, Trujillo, August 17, 1995

Journey of a Painter: Fernando Osorio Exhibits in Trujillo     

La Industria, Trujillo, August 16, 1995

Exhibit of Fernando Osorio Opens               

La Industria, Trujillo, August 16, 1995

Fernando Osorio and his Journey of Shapes at Extebandes               

Guía Semanal, Trujillo, August 10, 1995

Peruvian Artist Fernando Osorio Exhibits in the USA    

El Comercio, Lima, July 20, 1990

Peruvians at International Art Show            

El Comercio, Lima, February 24, 1990

Art in Rol                           

By Lili Peñaloza, Rol magazine, Lima, April 1988

The Show of Osorio is Today                    

By Jocelyn Frank, El Nacional, Lima, October 22, 1986

Osorio Exhibits in La Estación               

Expreso, Lima, October 22, 1986.


By Jorge Pimentel, Visión Peruana, Lima, September 1, 1986.

Streets of Barranco Changed with Art Works            

El Comercio, Lima, April 1986

Barranco and the Artists                    

La República, Lima, April 22, 1986.

Fernando Osorio Exhibits at the OAS               

Expreso, Lima, March 12, 1986

Peruvian Artist Exhibits at the OAS               

El Comercio, Lima, March 6, 1986

Symbolism in Fernando Osorio               

El Latino, Washington D.C., March 1, 1986

Art in Pastel                           

By Daniel Caballero, Expreso, Lima, August, 1985

The Exhibition of Fernando Osorio Closes Today         

By Pilar Flores, El Comercio, Lima, August 31, 1985

Young Art of Peru in Arequipa                 

El Comercio, Lima, May 20, 1984

Line and Color of Fernando Osorio

La República, Lima, December 26, 1983

Osorio at 715                           

Oiga, Lima, December 1983

Optimism in Two Tones                    

By Daniel Caballero, Expreso, Lima, December 24, 1983

Line and color in Fernando Osorio                 

By Samuel Adrianzén, La República, Lima, November 9, 1983