Full-Time Color

Acrylics on canvas, acrylics on paper

Embassy of Peru

Washington DC

December 1, 2016—January 31, 2017

The Vibrancy of Osorio Zumarán in Full-Time Color

Striking a balance between the chaos of abstraction and the rhythm of pattern, Peruvian artist Fernando Osorio Zumarán aims to capture the most essential elements of his world at their most vibrant. Celebrating the beauty of art's fundamental aspects – line, color, shape, and texture – Osorio Zumarán enlivens his paintings with a visual electricity that seemingly animates the picture plane. Such is the case with the works included in Full-Time Color, Osorio Zumarán's exhibition on view at the Embassy of Peru in Washington, D.C.

Born in Trujillo, Peru, near the midpoint of the twentieth century, Osorio Zumarán first pursued his interest in the sciences and in language prior to absorbing himself in his true passion for painting. Studying both in Lima – at the Universidad Católica and the Cristina Gálvez Studio – and at Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C., his hometown for the past thirty years, Osorio Zumarán refined his style over the years to reflect his embrace of modernism and his desire to continue moving art's discourse forward.

A review of his paintings encourages the viewer to immediately recall the modern masters of the past century. With a dominance of color and a flattening of the picture plane that is reminiscent of turn-of-the-century innovator Henri Matisse, Osorio Zumarán's bright palette and boldly defined figural contours, such as those seen in Mineral River, recalls the work of later twentieth-century talents such as Keith Haring. As a result, Osorio Zumarán's paintings are as much a case of self-expression as they are establishing a dialogue between these past masters. In other words, Osorio Zumarán's paintings hypothesize the outcome had these artistic voices enjoyed the opportunity to find a harmony in the same composition.

This is not to say that Osorio Zumarán the artist is lost in these paintings; on the contrary, the streamlined forms of his canvases result in imagery that forces the viewer to contemplate its creator. The elements that Osorio Zumarán incorporates into his compositions are from the everyday – as he has commented in the past, everything from cracks in the sidewalk to street signs make their way into his paintings. It is this element of relatability that makes Osorio Zumarán's so immediately accessible for the viewer, as his patterns and motifs resonate in these everyday concepts.

As the viewer explores these themes, he or she becomes increasingly absorbed into the work, a connection that only grows over the viewing of subsequent canvases. It is this deep connection, then that becomes the indelible quality of Osorio Zumarán's paintings: avant-garde in their abstraction and palette, yet timeless in their resonance.

Alexis Culotta, Ph. D.

Arts Writer


Full-Time Color

Art Exhibition

at the Embassy of Peru in Washington DC

Peruvian artist Fernando Osorio Zumarán finalizes the year by showing  his paintings at the Embassy of Perú. In this show, the artist presents 16 pieces of acrylics  painted in the recent years, in which color is the main theme. We could say that this set of paintings is a celebration of color.

Immerse in the modern tradition of abstract art, Osorio Zumarán expresses his pictorial sensitivity with a variety of resources: color, shape, line, geometry, and archetypical symbols. He has created a world of harmony, balance, suggestions, and mystery at the same time.

Osorio Zumarán has been exhibiting his work since 1981 and has shown it in his native Peru and the US. When asked about the title of this exhibition, he said that the title "Full-Time Color" resembles the terms "full-time job," and tries to convey the idea that color is the main topic of the show as well as art is in his life.  

The artist emphasizes that his art is a reflection of his thoughts, hidden fantasies, and concealed melodies in a visual manner. He also mentioned that during the production of these pieces, the joy of color was one of the most important and rewarding aspects of the process, and he expects now the viewer also to enjoy it.

The opening will take place on December 1st. at 6:30 p.m. and the exhibition will be open to the public at the Peruvian Embassy at 1700 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., Washington DC 20036 from December 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017.  Visitors are welcome Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact information:

     Embassy of Peru

     (202) 833-9860


     The artist

     (571) 275-8374